Thursday (30 July)

Thursday has been bobbing up and down on various models for a while now. Some are looking very interesting — if the current US GFS model scenario were to come off, we could be looking at another substantial fall.

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3-5 August


Update #2 … Ok, make that one day earlier . . . → Read More: 3-5 August

Feeling snowy?

Recorded snow depth at Spencers Creek, midway between Perisher Valley and Thredbo, from Snowy Hydro

No, this is not a particularly extraordinary interval of snowy weather.

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Spencers Creek "dumps"

Ok, ok … by a bare 0.6 cm*, and by no means in single fall, but let’s take what we can get. I call a “dump” greater than 50 cm week-on-week snow depth gain at Spencers Creek, midway between Perisher Valley and Thredbo (data from Snow Hydro Limited). In 61 years of recording there have only been 64 such events.

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23-26 July


Outcome: Perisher Valley claims 65 cm; Falls Creek 45 cm . . . → Read More: 23-26 July

14-16 July


Outcome: About 25 cm at Perisher Valley . . . → Read More: 14-16 July

Gaming carbon

"Ashwood Farms" emission reduction project

Later this year Environment Minister Hunt will be heading off to Paris for the 21st annual United Nations climate change conference. Hunt’s brief will be clear: obfuscate as best you can to minimise domestic damage, while delivering essentially nothing. Harsh? I offer as evidence his centrepiece policy, “Direct Action”… . . . → Read More: Gaming carbon

10-12 July


Outcome: A nice fall, finally . . . → Read More: 10-12 July

Second ever July zero?

Spencers Creek snow depth, from Snowy Hydro

Outcome: Didn’t happen; squeaked in by a whole centimetre

In 61 years of measuring snow depths at Spencers Creek, midway between Perisher Valley and Thredbo, the only zero depth that Snowy Hydro has ever recorded in July was way back on 3 July 1957. With the collapse of this week’s promising snow weather system, we are now withing sight of just our second ever July zero at the usual weekly measure on Thursday, 2 July.

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23-25 June


Outcome: Zip, nada, biggest system prediction fail in recent memory . . . → Read More: 23-25 June