The last gasp (22 September)

Outcome: Nice setup, but dry — less than 10 cm. . . . → Read More: The last gasp (22 September)

Next week (2-5 September)

Outcome: A modest spring fall . . . → Read More: Next week (2-5 September)

An extraordinary system


No, the snow depth peak is not already in; not by a long way. The weather this week has been extraordinary; so far from conventional Australian snow weather as to border on unprecedented.

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Is the peak already in?

Spencers Creek snow depth, from Snowy Hydro

With just 10 cm snowfall claimed at Perisher Valley and Thredbo overnight and a week of warm weather in the offing, is the 2015 snow depth peak already in?

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11-14 August


Outcome: Basically fizzed; Perisher Valley claimed less than 10 cm . . . → Read More: 11-14 August

Ski trail bikes

I mean snowmobiles of course, pretty much universally referred to by the popular brand name, Ski-Doo. These noisy smelly machines have been out of control in Australian alpine areas forever, but recent behavior is beyond acceptable.

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Thursday (30 July)

Outcome: Each of these (Thursday and Saturday) delivered about 5 cm, but with heavy rain preceding the snow on Saturday (60 mm at Perisher Valley). Miserable.

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3-5 August


Outcome: Ignore the rain; this was another nice fall . . . → Read More: 3-5 August

Feeling snowy?

Recorded snow depth at Spencers Creek, midway between Perisher Valley and Thredbo, from Snowy Hydro

No, this is not a particularly extraordinary interval of snowy weather.

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Spencers Creek "dumps"

Ok, ok … by a bare 0.6 cm*, and by no means in a single fall, but let’s take what we can get. I call a “dump” greater than 50 cm week-on-week snow depth gain at Spencers Creek, midway between Perisher Valley and Thredbo (data from Snow Hydro Limited). In 61 years of recording there have only been 64 such events.

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