Landsat snow

Snow extent 1977 - 2014, New South Wales snowfields, Australia

Another way to look at snow cover is by satellite remote sensing. The longest and best-known series by far is that from the US Landsat satellites, now up to Landsat 8, launched in early 2013.

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More thoughts on global temperature

Global monthly temperatures long extrapolation

Having taken the trouble to plot all eight popular global temperature series together on one graph at monthly resolution — something the other seven billion of you don’t seem to have bothered with — it may be fair to spare us the indulgence of a few simple observations

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Fitting the Pearson type 3


You’ve got some data and think a Pearson type III distribution might fit it nicely, but how do you go about choosing the parameters? The obvious way — using the mean, standard deviation and skewness of the sample — is much frowned upon. That’s because it can give a biased fit, although in the real world it often performs well, as we’ll see. . . . → Read More: Fitting the Pearson type 3

Pearson type 4 in Excel


We did type III, so what about the Pearson type IV probability distribution? One author calls the type IV a Cinderella distribution¹ — it’s a beautiful thing, but completely lost to most. . . . → Read More: Pearson type 4 in Excel

More paint drying

Global monthly temperatures since 1850 -- instrumental estimates

We’ve updated sea ice, so it’s time to have another look at the global temperature series I last updated nearly a year ago. Here’s the instrumental averages with another year on the traces. Ho-hum … still shooting up; still on track

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Season 2014 roundup

Snow depth Spencers Creek 2014

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Arctic sea ice update

PIOMAs northern sea ice volume

Another arctic melt season is over, so it’s time to check progress. This year it’s more good news. The recovery over the last couple of years has continued, though it remains but a bump in a long term decline.

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Err ... what he said.

Fareweel to a’ our Scottish fame, Fareweel our ancient glory;

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Season 2014 peak depth

Future trend of Australian snow depth

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Ok, time to call it. There’s now no realistic chance that the 168.5 cm peak snow depth recorded on 24 July will be exceeded. That’s as measured by Snowy Hydro Limited at Spencers Creek, midway between Perisher Valley and Thredbo, NSW, Australia, at around 1830 m elevation.

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Fred at Frog, late 1970s

He died high on the west ridge of Everest, 30 years ago next month. Fred touched all kinds of people in surprising ways that I’ve gradually discovered over the years. My guide, my inspiration, my rock in a scary world … but not just mine. . . . → Read More: Fred