2-3 August

GFS for Tuesday morning


About 10 cm snowfall; a little more in Victoria. And of course, quite substantial falls in the Blue Mountains and points west as the system moved north.

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24-27 July

2016 Spencers Creek snow depth gain and loss


So yes, we got back above the pre-melt depth; in fact well above: 143.8 cm on Wednesday 27th vs 95.1 cm the previous Tuesday

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12-13 July

...And for Tuesday

Models agree there’ll be quite a bit of rain Sunday-Monday from the tropical feed ahead of the low, then a nice cold winter blast Tuesday-Wednesday. We should see another net gain in snow depth at Thursday’s measure.

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5-6 July


Pretty much as per the update. It looks like there might have been nearly 20 cm at Perisher Valley on Tuesday, then 25 mm of rain Wednesday-Thursday. Victoria looks similar or a little wetter.

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30 June - 1 July

BOM ACCESS-R for Thursday night


About 15cm in NSW, more in Victoria.

On the board, with a bang

Spencers Creek snow depth, from Snowy Hydro

And the main event is still coming.

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Season starter ... at last

Spencers Creek season start

Update (22 June): Tuesday night came through (with good accumulations down to below 1600 m, not 1800 m), so we’re looking forward to seeing a number from you tomorrow, Hydro guys.

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23-25 June


Outcome (27 June):

There was about 90 cm of snowfall in aggregate for this event on my best estimate, a bit under half of which came with the lead-up system starting Tuesday night … which I barely rated initially. Ho hum; wrong again.

It’s interesting to look at where the 500 hPa spaghetti plot finished up, for future future calibration. The blue line did not reach the alps:

Spag plot for Friday morning

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Arctic sea ice update

Arctic sea ice extent, from the US NSIDC

So far this year the extent of sea ice floating on the northern polar ocean has been off-the-chart low … again. It’s currently about a million square kilometres below the extraordinary record melt year we saw in 2012.

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8-10 June



This fizzed, obviously, except many places seem to have scored about 10 cm of snow on the tail, which is better than a kick in the guts.

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