Mikado in MuseScore

This is a work-in-progress, probably never to be finished.

MuseScore is a 100% free, full-featured, open-source music score editor, available from here: https://musescore.org/en. Like others, it can play a score entered in its proprietary format … reasonable competently. It does not have a voice synthesiser. (There is only one afaik; trust me, you really don’t want it.)

Mikado is Bill and Artie’s remarkable creation. Pagination in this version follows Chappell 18056 (original c.1895, revised c.1911). This work is out of copyright.



Mikado in MuseScore (currently just Wandering and How-de-do)

Mikado complete lyrics (formatted lyrics, not libretto; there are many librettos on the web)

Mikado full vocal score (PDF of Chappell 18056, c.1911, 9 MB)