My name is Glen, and these days I live in far northern New South Wales about 19 hours drive from the nearest skiable snow.  With around 40 years in engineering hydrology, I know what a time series is and some robust things that can be done with one.  I don’t claim any special expertise in snow weather, but you learn a few things after decades of watching.

You can contact me via email: gergyl at Gmail, or with the form below.

By the way, it does actually snow in my long-time home, Brisbane … at least it has done, twice in my lifetime: in July 1984 and September 1958:

Brisbane snow weather - July 1984

Brisbane snow weather – July 1984

Snow on First Pyramid, Girraween National Park in July 1984 (near Stanthorpe, Queensland, Australia), Photo: Ulrike and Siegfried Manietta, Queensland Snow via Armidale Weather