Spencers Creek weekly snow depth gain and loss

Spencers Creek weekly snow depth gain and loss

(Updated 12 May — click refresh on your browser for the latest plots)

Snow depths have been recorded weekly by Snowy Hydro Limited at Spencers Creek near Charlotte Pass, Australia since 1954. The chart shows the current season changes in snow depth between consecutive readings (usually a week apart — expressed as cm/week) against a background of the weekly depth changes for the full record back to 1954. The current season trace is drawn from the raw data; the background points from the weekly resampled record. Note this is net change, typically over one week intervals. Given the nature of our weather, lots of recorded weeks would include both substantial melt and snowfall.

One data point is missing from the graph — the record weekly gain of 109.5 cm in the week ending 8 August 1996 is off the top edge.

I posted about this graph here.

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