Australian rainfall vs SOI

Australian annual rainfall vs SOI

This shows contours of R² for the linear regression of October-September annual rainfall with the average southern oscillation index (SOI) for the same interval. An October-September “water year” was used to position the whole northern wet season (and most of the southern wet season) within a single year.

The rainfall data is from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology’s High Quality Rainfall Data Set for Australia – Version 2 *. It includes 380 quality-controlled stations distributed across the continent, with data ranging from 1862 (earliest) through to 1992 (latest).

* Lavery, B.M., Kariko, A.P., and Nicholls, N., 1992 “A High-quality historical rainfall data set for Australia”, Aust. Met. Mag., 40, pp33-39

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