Melt accelerates

The big melt is underway, a month ahead of usual. And Deep Creek at ~1620 m has already hit zero snow depth, after managing to beat the average in just one week this year — by a whole 3 cm back in mid May.

On the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Q&A program on Monday night an earnest gentleman challenged the somewhat baffled David Suzuki about the implications of the “heavy” snowfall at Perisher Valley last week.  The level of ignorance required to try to claim any part of this year’s snow season as evidence against global warming is breathtaking, yet supposedly it must be heard in the interests of so called debate. Bollocks.


(Might need a browser refresh. Click the graph for details.)

Spencers Creek snow depths 2013


The unusually early melt is obvious in the gain / loss graph:

Spencers Creek inferred weekly snowfall and melt

Spencers Creek inferred weekly snowfall and melt