Madden-Julian and snow #2

Also see: Madden-Julian and snow #1

It’s interesting to review what happened with the Madden-Julian oscillation in the 2014 season:

Madden-Julian oscillation and snow -- 2014 season

Madden-Julian oscillation and snow — 2014 season

Last year’s snow season was slow to start after a very warm May, but then got underway with the 11th biggest dump on record in late June. There were good follow-up falls through early to mid July, then … everything stopped.

The MJO shows a surprisingly close correlation. It was in phases 4, 5 and 6 or else quiet through most of snowy late June and July, with one solid burst of phase 5 correlating with a substantial fall. Then in early August the MJO switched to phases 1 and 2, and seemed to get stuck there, at the same time as our snow action abruptly ceased.

It’s just one season, but as I said, interesting.