This is an old version; the current version of this spreadsheet is here:

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  • James

    Thanks for pulling this together. Terrific work.

  • Valérie DAUX

    I greatly appreciate this compilation, very usefull for teaching paleoclimate. Thanks

  • I found your work via Wikipedia. This says a lot about how significant it is. I am greatly appreciative of your effort here and for having made the data available. It is this kind of basic quantitative information and presentation that is so desperately needed in our public discussions of global warming and climate change.

  • Longtooth

    I was interested in detailed quantitative rates of temperature change in the recent 250k years as well as the data sources you used. Thank you for making the spreadsheet data available and the source links to it. Much appreciated as I wasn’t able to find similarly comprehensive quantitative data reductions to temperatures v time anywhere else.

    A CO2 ppm column of data in your spreadsheet’s would be a very nice addition to it though… separate data bases have to be queried to show both temperature and CO2 estimates on the same chart for the same times. .

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