Adding Three Mile Dam

Snowy Hydro Limited kindly publishes the full snow depth records for three of their measurement sites on-line:

  • Spencers Creek, at 1830 m elevation, near Charlotte Pass
  • Deep Creek, at 1620 m elevation, near Cabramurra, and
  • Three Mile Dam, at 1460 m elevation, near Kiandra.

Together these cover the range of snowpack elevations and show how our snow varies with height and over time. I’ve added some plots of the Three Mile Dam record to the Graphs page. I used the same scale as the previous plots, so if the Three Mile Dam data looks a bit squashed, that’s because it is. There’s not a lot of snow at this location most years.


Snowy Hydro snow depths for season 2013

Snowy Hydro snow depths for season 2013


The Three Mile Dam snow measurement course is about 5 km west of Kiandra, an old historic town on the Snowy Mountains Highway in the northern Snowy Mountains (near the Selwyn Snowfields turnoff). It’s a fair way north of our bigger resorts, so may receive a little less snow than they do at similar elevations.

Apart from that, the measurement method and frequency are similar to Spencers Creek and Deep Creek, and the record is long.


Combined Spencers Creek / Deep Creek snow depth record

Combined Snowy Hydro snow depth records