4-5 June

Outcome: 5 cm


Light snowfalls only — Perisher Valley claimed 5 cm; Falls Creek 8 cm. The system weakened and slipped north just as it approached the alps (click for sources):

JMA precipitation inferred from satellite imagery

JMA precipitation inferred from satellite imagery

BOM surface chart archive

Original post (3 June)

After missing last weekend’s nice little season starter (30 May – 1 June; 30 cm at Perisher Valley), time to get in on the act. There’ll be an odd little fall Thursday night; perhaps 15 cm:

NZ Met chart for 2 am Friday

Look like an Australian snow system? It sure looks like a big New Zealand one, but that’s another story (that trans-Tasman seesaw seems to be in action again). For us, what it is is a little wandering upper-level cold pool drifting across the south-east. At the 500 hPa level it looks like this:

GFS 500 hPa geopotential height for 4:00 am Friday

On BOM’s ACCESS-R model the alpine precipitation is currently showing earlier in the evening, from around 7:00 pm Thursday onwards, but the temperature then should be cold enough for mid-level snow … just.

And why the NZ chart? Because I like the retro look, of course.