23-24 June

Outcome added…

Spag shows more snow on the way early next week. It looks like we may have dropped straight from nothing into a pretty standard 7-10 day winter weather pattern.

Update (19 June): This is well up on ECMWF and BOM ACCESS now, and looking very wet and westerly. Nevertheless I’ll be surprised if there isn’t 20+ cm in it, with the outside chance of a far bigger number (even a dump!). There’s also a possibility of small follow-ups through to the end of the week.

Update 2 (20 June): Now looking for 30+ cm gain by next Thursday’s measure. There’s still an outside chance of a >50 cm week-on-week gain, officially a “dump”. The follow-ups are still there too, especially through the following weekend. (Just don’t believe everything you see on GFS-based prediction charts. If that thing was accurate we’d have a 3 m season every year.)


Dumpage. The Perisher Valley automatic weather station recorded 103 mm of water-equivalent precipitation for the two days to 9:00am 25 June, all falling as snow. The resort claimed an unlikely 1.2 m total snowfall.

The only other reliable snow precipitation gauge in Australia is that at Rocky Valley Dam near Falls Creek. The gauge there recorded 118 mm precipitation for the two days.

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