18-22 August 2013

Ok, a touch late, but there’s obviously another very similar series of fronts passing through over this interval, for perhaps 40 cm total gain — which would neatly take us up to our season peak prediction…

[I see the ECMWF sampler is off-line.  I hope they haven’t finally noticed they’ve been providing it for free and turned it off.]

Update (22/8):  Both Spag and ECMWF are back up; joy.  And, err, and 169.9 cm measured on Tuesday … what a delightful round number (hands off that data Tony).  Unfortunately today’s reading will likely mess it up.

Outcome:  More like 60 cm than 40, but the Hydro neatly saved the day by measuring Tuesday and avoiding the Thursday fall.  Score: 7/10


2 comments to 18-22 August 2013

  • Michael

    Noted that your deep creek graph has not moved much in the latest reading. Think while Spencer Creek may reach close to an average top base for a season both deep creek and 3 mile dam may be much below average, these readings are largely forgotten by the skiing public

  • Gerg

    Deep Creek only updated last night, while Spencers was measured Tuesday for some reason (I’m taking it — right on my peak prediction). But you’re right. Spencers is actually above average now, while the two lower altitude records languish. Still, however you look at it, it’s been a good three weeks.