1-2 August

Outcome added…

So there’ll be a little snow event next weekend, but don’t get too excited.

The circumpolar flow looks very “zonal” at the moment, with the roaring forties roaring and not much in the way of the wiggles in the flow that bring things our way. It’s possible that won’t change much until about mid August, by when that big lobe of activity near South America might have propagated to here.

Update (30 July): There’ll be serious wind tomorrow as those roaring 40s begin to wiggle north a little. I doubt the hydro will be out measuring (were they out this afternoon?). The best snowfalls appear likely to be on Friday (1 August), after the wind has eased a bit. I still don’t see anything major on the way until about mid August.


Pretty much as forecast — nothing major; a very cold 20 cm or so. Ahead there’ll be some weather around 10 August, but the next serious event is not yet in sight. Perhaps 20 August … at least.