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This is the Excel Spreadsheet that produced the global monthly temperature graphs: here, here, here and here.


rev 7, Apr-2014: First release
rev 8, Nov-2014: Updated data (no update available from Berkeley Earth). Corrected minor graphics issues in Excel 2013.
rev 9, Dec-2014: Reference interval changed to 1961-1990. All fonts to Liberation Sans.
rev 10, Dec-2014: Added Cowtan & Way hybrid UAH
rev 11, Jan-2015: Added macros for automatic updating; file extension to .xlsm
rev 12, May-2015: Added JMA
rev 13, Jan-2016: Added monthly records sheet
rev 14, Jul-2017: Base to 1880-1920; update satellite series
rev 15, Jan-2018: Added Copernicus; base to ‘pre-industrial’


  1. The spreadsheet includes auto-update macros for each data series, with a trigger button on each individual data sheet and a combined one on the raw data summary sheet. The JMA macro (only) requires that you have 7-zip (free download) available at C:\Program Files\7-zip\ (i.e. 64-bit version on 64 bit systems), to unzip their .gz download. The JMA gridded files used appear to only be updated annually.
  2. For Wikipedia .svg compatibility these graphics use the open-source (and rather ugly) Liberation Sans font. Systems without that font installed may substitute for rendering, possibly at detriment to the graphical layout. Liberation Sans can be downloaded and installed from here.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International. Attribution is required.

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