Adding Deep Creek

While most snow depth interest tends to focus on the Spencers Creek site between Perisher Valley and Thredbo, Snowy Hydro Limited kindly publishes the full snow depth records for three of their sites on-line*:

  • Spencers Creek, at 1830 m elevation, near Charlotte Pass
  • Deep Creek, at 1620 m elevation, near Cabramurra, and
  • Three Mile Dam, at 1460 m elevation, near Kiandra.

Together these cover the range of snowpack elevations and provide a more nuanced view of how our snow varies with height and over time.  I’ve added some plots of the Deep Creek record to the Graphs page.


Deep Creek snow depths for season 2013

Deep Creek snow depths for season 2013


The Deep Creek snow measurement course is about 10 km south of Cabramurra, an old hydro town in the northern Snowy Mountains.  It’s worth noting that it’s a fair way north of most of our resorts (it’s about 15 km south of Selwyn Snowfields), and as such may receive a little less snow than the big resorts do at similar elevations.

Apart from that, the measurement method and frequency are similar to Spencers Creek, and the record is nearly as long.


Combined Spencers Creek / Deep Creek snow depth record

Combined Spencers Creek / Deep Creek snow depth record

(* Hint to AGL Hydro who own the Rocky Valley Dam (Falls Creek) record — it’s not hard to do and it’s excellent PR.)

3 comments to Adding Deep Creek

  • Warrie

    Hi Gerg, nice website, but why associate Selwyn with Deep Ck when 3 Mile Dam is just a few km away and at a similar level. Sigh, sounds like the usual blunt scientific reply…… Cheers, Warrie

    • Gerg

      Tks. It’s just the nearest place some readers are likely to have actually heard of — did say it’s 15 km away. Oh, and the fact that I haven’t got to the Three Mile Dam record yet.

      (Clock … don’t know; still figuring it out. Hoster is not local. Doubtless some setting or other.)

  • Warrie

    And what’s up with your clock. Looks like it’s on GMT.

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